Phone Consultation

What’s a phone call gonna do?

During the conversation, the guides working with us in the session bring me information. This conversation is not simply a question/answer session; it is a channeling session in which information may be given in words, images, key questions to address, and answers to your questions.

A phone consultation is a great solution if:

  • You’re not sure if you’re in need of a Core Healing Session.
  • You’re not sure a Core Healing Session will be helpful.
  • You desire more follow-up phone consultation after a Core Healing Session.
  • You have your own healing practices and are feeling stuck.
  • You’re not sure why manifesting change is so difficult for you.
  • You’re not sure how to navigate the change you have manifested.
  • You desire insight about certain relationships.
  • You are looking for insight into seeing and breaking negative patterns.
  • You’re looking for direction and/or insight in a specific area of your life.


20 Minutes / 40.00 USD

50 Minutes / 80.00 USD


I most often see clients, both in-house and in-home, on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Follow-up and Consultation phone calls are most often scheduled Monday and Thursday afternoons.

I can schedule other days if these are absolutely impossible. I do not schedule on weekends.

Schedule up to 60 days in advance.

Booking A Session

Phone Consultations can be booked on-line Monday and Thursday.
Book a Phone consultation

I can schedule other days if these are absolutely impossible. Email me via Write to Me or message me through Facebook.



Q: Do I have to have had a Core Healing Session for this service, like the Human Energy Field (HEF) Follow-up Session?

  • A: No. This service can be used in conjunction with the Core Healing Session, but it is not a prerequisite.

Q: Can I record the call?

  • A: Yes, please feel free to record the conversation. I encourage clients to take notes at the very least. The messages and insights are for your life, you decide how is best to record them.

Q: Can we talk about multiple topics in a single session? Or, do we have to stick to just one?

  • A: We can talk about as many topics as time and interest of depth allows. It is really up to the client whether they want a “deep” or “wide” experience. A longer or multiple conversations can achieve both.