Core Healing Session

This two hour session consists of three parts to ensure a holistic approach to remove your personal blocks, gain focus and clarity, heal emotional trauma, and facilitate health in all bodies; emotional, spiritual, mental, and physical.


During the interview process, the guides working with us in the session begin to bring me information. This conversation is not simply a question/answer session; it is a channeling session in which information may be given in words, images, key questions to address, and answers to your questions.

Non-Ordinary Reality (NOR) Journey-work

I intentionally travel into non-ordinary reality to consult with my guides and allies directly. Though an initial journey, I am given instruction as to what will happen next. I am often guided to retrieve a soul fragment, an animal spirit, or visions; one cannot say exactly what I will guided to do on your behalf. Any further journey-work is discussed and consented to before the work is done.

Human Energy Field (HEF) Healing

This final segment is a method of re-aligning and strengthening the subtle energy body, your personal energy field.  Using Reiki and similar advanced techniques, I will align your chakras, untwist energy channels, and remove blocks and hindrances to your healing. This work is supported by ascended healing spirits who both guide me and directly work on your subtle body to encourage healing in all bodies.


Follow-up conversations usually happen by phone and serve to help as you assimilate the work done in-session. Two 20 minute follow-up conversations are included with the Core Healing Session, often scheduled approximately two and six weeks after the Core Healing Session.


2 Hour Session plus 2 Follow-up calls / $250.00 USD*

*Fee reflects traveling to me, in-home visits are available with added travel premium.


I most often see clients, both in-house and in-home, on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Follow-up and Consultation phone calls are most often scheduled Monday and Thursday afternoons.

I can schedule other days if these are absolutely impossible. I do not schedule on weekends.

Schedule up to 60 days in advance.

Booking a Session

Email me via Write to Me or message me through Facebook


Please feel free to reach out and ask questions about the session, I am pretty frank and approachable about what I do in-session. But, before you do, please check out the FAQ below. Thanks and Blessings!


Q: Are there any reviews of your work?

  • A: Yes. Please check out my Facebook page for reviews.

Q: What is the Human Energy Field?

  • A: It is most commonly known as the aura. There is a lot of information on-line, so I’m not going to re-invent the wheel here, put Google to work!

Q: What is Non-Ordinary Reality (NOR)?

  • A: NOR is what many refer to as the “spirit world”. Many different cultures have different views of it, but it is a REAL place. Imagine it as the “coding” behind the reality we live in.

Q: What is “Journey-work”?

  • A: Journey-work is intentionally traveling into NOR and working on the “coding” around your life.

Q: Will I require follow-up sessions beyond the phone calls?

  • A: Perhaps, some may need further phone consultations or HEF Follow-up Sessions to support the work done in the Core Healing Session. You will not require a follow-up, or secondary, Core Healing Session for a long time, if ever.

Q: How long will until I see results from the Core Healing Session?

  • A: The work done in the Core Healing Session is deep. You may start to see immediate results within a few days, but the work done may take months to fully integrate, and effects may be felt up to a year later. This isn’t “magic pill” work; it is deep and substantive.

Q: Can I bring others (friends & family) to the healing session?

  • A: Yes. You are more than welcome to have others attend in support of your healing. Family, friends, and other support individuals can add energy to the work being done. I do ask that small children do not attend though, distractions can impair the healing work.

Q: You are coming to my house & I have animals, are they welcome?

  • A: Yes. Four-legged companions are most welcome! They have come into our lives as helpers and teachers, I recognize and honor that in peoples lives and in their healing experience.

Q: Is this a religious or cultural thing?

  • A: No. While I have and continue to study and practice many different healing and spiritual modalities, the Core Healing Session has no cultural or religious framework.

Q: If I come to you, where are you located?

  • A: I am currently offering services in Park River, ND; in my home. I am searching for regional studios to work out of on a semi-regular basis. If there are any recommendations, please drop me a line.

Q: If you come to me, what is the “Travel Premium”?

  • A: The “Travel Premium” is a fuel surcharge and is calculated based on mileage. When traveling a distance for a private session, I often try to book multiple sessions, thus giving everyone a break on the “Travel Premium”.

Q: How do I know If you will be in my area, so I can get a reduced “Travel Premium”?

  • A: Follow on me Facebook. when I am scheduling in an area, I will generally announce it on my page. Link is at the bottom.